BrandIDgraphics - Large format silkscreen graphics


New BrandID graphics Project

Fresno State
Durable Exterior Etched Granite Graphics


Designer: IDA Los Angeles

Fresno State College Chose IDA Los Angeles to design and implement exterior plaques for their campus. IDA chose BrandID Graphics to laser etch the black graphite inserts for the project.

BrandID supplied seven etched panels 18" x 27" on a special high quality black granite that is only 3/8" thick. The speed and intensity of the laser can control the contrast of the image to the black background. The result is striking. The copy and images are crisp.

This is a great solution for long term and durable graphics.


New BrandID graphics Project

Tahoe Transit Center
Long Term Exterior Embedded Glass Graphics


Designer: WRNS Studio.

The Tahoe Transit Center built a new facility in 2012 which includes images embedded in glass. The top portion of the image is a historic photo of Lake Tahoe visible from both sides of the glass and translucent. The bottom portion of the image is a timeline graphic opaque and readable from both sides.

All images are embedded in the glass. BrandID supplied the print, the panes of glass and laminated everything together. BrandID also will drill holes and finish the edges. Cleaning the glass is the only maintenance required.

The image is 6 panels of glass (12 panes laminated together.) The printing is warranted for 10 year of exterior use against fading.

This is a great solution for exterior long term glass graphics.


New BrandID graphics Project

Hippodrome Lobby
Direct Printing on Aluminum


Designer: Graham Hanson Design.

In 2005 BrandID was contacted by Design Communications of Boston to help with the upgrading of Midtown NYC Hippodrome building. Behind the reception lobby was to be a 20' x 12' historic image of the building. This needed to be an image that showed the outstanding nature of the building.

Design Communications supplied BrandID 15 - 4' x 4' panels of random orbital finish brushed aluminum ¼" thick. BrandID printed the black halftone image directly on the brushed aluminum. There is no film, just ink printed directly on the aluminum. No film means no adhesive and more environmentally friendly.

Where ever there is no ink the brushed aluminum shows through. The result is spectacular.


New BrandID graphics Project

Death Valley Visitor's Center
Long Term Indoor Floor Graphics


Designer: Pacific Studio.

The Death Valley Visitor's Center in Furnace Creek, CA was renovated in 2012. Included is a 23' x 13' image of an alluvial fan (a fan or cone shaped deposit of sediment crossed and built by streams) embedded below the floor. BrandID supplied Pacific Studio the image printed second surface on clear rigid flooring. All the printing is protected by the rigid material.

There are different thicknesses of material to choose from so you can match the thickness of existing flooring. There are also different textures such as diamond plate and dots for the top of the flooring.

The alluvial fan image is output in only two sections. The material comes in 10' rolls and can be output 50' long in one piece. BrandID offers a 10 year interior warranty against fading.

This is a great solution for indoor long term floor graphics.


New BrandID graphics Project

Dallas Symphony Garage
Glass Graphics


Designer: Pentagram.

Pentagram was hired to design graphics for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra garage. Completely underground, the project had elevator lobbies enclosed in glass. BrandID was hired in 2006, by the sign fabricator Artografx, to apply images to the glass.

The photos show the beautiful results. The images are visible on both sides of the glass. What you are looking at is a clear adhesive film printed white. The images also have a film over laminate encapsulating the printing between two layers of film. The graphics are washable with standard household cleaners. BrandID printed and installed the film to the existing glass on site with our Dallas based installer. These are still up seven years later.

This is a great solution for stunning, inexpensive glass graphics.